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27 March 16 |
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Usrah River.

Bonding time well spent Alhamdulillah. When Allah says "Kun" so what Allah intend to happen then it'll happen. When Allah allows us to meet each other, boosts the love feeling to each other, then it'll meant to be . Alhamdulillah. .

We  managed as well . Allah managed and arranged plans. But plans of Allah is the best ever for our flow of life. Ma qadarAllahu khair. How nice Allah devise plans for us. Alhamdulillah for everything Ya Allah.

When we talk about 'USRAH' , we have to understand clearly the meaning of Usrah. Usrah is just not have circle seat and give a talk make us remembering Allah and prophet Muhammad SAW. Usrah is a relationship of family that nicely meet 3condition .

1) Ta'aruf ( introductory session)

Know about her name, age, what they like and love to do. All about her self, themselve. We know as well that before we'll be fell in love with each other, the first thing ever is recognize her/him, right. So same goes to the bonding of family. Knowing each other creates love indeed. Love which is based on Islam.

2) Tafahum (understand each other)

It's really typically quite difficult to ramp up the understanding between each other, despite we are a family as well. But we shouldn't do make this as a reason to not trying to understand each others's self and feeling. The paramount important thing is just sufficient if we know who they are, whether she'll get angry easily , tend to sulk or whatsoever. So as a friend or sahabat we have to react wisely and  be open minded. We have to be wise in managing those situation by thingking the solve of the problems.

3) Takaful (help each other)

We may call and entitle the bonding as Usrah if takaful happens. Help each other ,make the burden more easier. That is  the reason friend and family for. .

Usrah everywhere. Show the kindness everywhere. One of the effecient 'dakwah' is surely showing the good attitudes and behaviour of ourself as Islam has taught us.

Alhamdulillah untuk peluang sekali lagi Ya Allah. Berusrah sangat memudahkan langkah mujahadah kamu utk lebih dekat dgn Allah.


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