Saturday, August 29, 2015

A feeling of success ♥

Assalamu'alaikum wa rahmatullah readers,
Ahlan wa sahlan to here.

Here lots of forgiveness I want to ask for not being diligent to write and its so long I have not writting here because of my hectic life in sm sains tapah. For all of you, I have been study in sm sains tapah, since I am form4, and now I am 17 years old, a.k.a form 5 sestarian. Xanthrons is our batch's name. What I want to write and share today is about a feeling of success.

It's heard hard to have that feeling because of lots of challenge that we have to endure and face. But one thing that you should know  is a feeling of success even you are not such a good person in any course or things, the feeling can make you believe on yourself and be optimistic, through this feeling you also can be more motivated and desire to be a success person.

Nothing to scare and nothing to worry because with every feeling of success you have , high efforts that you put , doa that you make to Allah, with his help, you can and will success. Do not talk about early or late, what you have to keep an eye on is keeping focus and istiqamah on everything that you do in this life.

There in sm sains tapah, I also have to face lots of challenges, He gaves to me to be a better person and a tough girl, I know. Everything had going happen, there is a hikmah or we can call it, a cause/ asbab (arabic) . Always got low of marks in every exam. Always got C or D in science subject even I am a truly pure science in sesta.  I don't know why, maybe I had put less efforts or something had sustain me to get a high marks. At a first time, I want to despair but when I think wisely, imagine of happiness of mama and abah, hugs me on stage when I get straight As, I start to cry and step slowly walk by walk to move forward to achieve that, a success that is still far from me. I know if I have not put a high efforts and believe on myself, I cannot success and bring the happiness to them, a precious person who had care me since I am infancy. There are mama and abah, also along, abg lan, kak lang, abg amir, kak ira kak alia always supporting me before and after my success.
There are them. In my heart.

1 month more to SPM.
 Lots of nervous in my heart,
But nothing to scare and worry that I just said before, because with efforts and Allah ta'ala helps and permission, we can success.

Trial SPB have done.
Waiting for the result is one of a thing that hurt me.
InsyaAllah, Allah ta'ala will help.
Now is turn to tawakkal to Him with lots of hopes.

Pray for me InsyaAllah, to be a medic student and Dr syahidah (pakar cik puan)

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