Wednesday, January 27, 2016

My way after SPM


With Allah ta'ala's permission, Alhamdulillah I have done writing and sharing some knowledges and little bit of my experiences of my life before, last year in 2015. Then, I stopped writting for a little moment to get ready for SPM and now this is a valuable time for me to start all over again InsyaAllah. I know its quite hard to write so long, so yeah it is really need much hours to end all of our discussion and writing here but somehow and I dont know why I really eager to write and share something about my life and I know that just a little of people will get here and read my sharings. But I dont ever care about that. Because what is really important for me and my life is to allow my life to be more meaningful  by keep sharing experiences that will make them take all of these as a life teaching and learn from it, advicing others to earnestly do good deeds and follow the sunnahs ,what our Prophet Muhammad SAW has tought us to be a good muslim and a person who is be able to benefits others InsyaAllah and last but not least to go on with my own in carrying out dedication to our community as I considered that the dedication is keeping ourselves to spread the love and happiness by doing good deeds in ourselves for instance kept writing or talking about such a matter that will bring us get closer to Allah ta'ala. Once Allah ta'ala permit us to be a reason to a guy to repent to Allah and back to truly Islam's way, we will get that valuble reward, if others have seen the good deeds did by the person then he/she follows, then you will get that valuable reward again and it is happy of you and you will never loss.You will be a lucky one, that is a promise of Allah in the HOLY QURAN that Allah's believers who are doing good deeds, then they will get a good rewards, besides to  whom are doing bad deeds, they will be punished at the let us cheer myself up, be a good muslim and dont forget to invite others doing good deeds. InsyaAllah.

So, now I want to share with all of you about MY WAY AFTER SPM, these are good for my friends or my juniors to focus carefully on my writings to get ready after you all just have passed the school seasons, okay? What things that I did as a student of SPM leavers at home? Where did I go? and so on , whatsover. So here these are the answers, okay. InsyaAllah these will benefits you.

Alhamdulillah, as well as you know I have studied at SM SAINS TAPAH, PERAK for two years. We just call it as SESTA, the glamorous name of my school around Perak's area. After I have just passed my PMR with 8A's straight, I applied to further my study in SESTA. Why did I chose SESTA are because.... even I did not expect that this school was suits with me and has tought lots of matters abour truly LIFE. There is SESTA in jalan Pahang that I really be longing to, always be a place which calm my heart with the peaceful dawn Alhamdulillah, a place which has gotten me know about myself, who am I, and indeed I was HIS SLAVE, and yes I am. Lots of tarbiyyah there I have gotten, will make me never ever let me to forget all of the forgetable memories. Alhamdulillah, Thanks for everything Ya Allah, I did not ever expect that Allah will give me a good ones by putting me in SESTA, place which provided TARBIYYAH to be a GOOD ALMOST PERFECT LEADER AND MUSLIM , Alhamdulillah. InsyaAllah ya readers, I will share some memories about me in SESTA soon. Now we have to focus on our title MY WAY AFTER SPM.

Let us begin. Haha. All of thats are just a beginning. Hihi.

Okay then Alhamdulillah after leaving a school moment, now I am going on with all fates that Allah ta'ala has arranged for me which are ...

*I kept learning and improving my ENGLISH LANGUAGE in order to make me be prepared for my FUTURE by reading lots of english article, novels , listening to english songs. but I prefer to listening to english nasyeeds . Hihi.
*I kept going to some talk to ramp up my knowledge about Islam. To get closer to HIM, MY ALMIGHTY. Join USRAH, IKTIKAF in some mosque to do sunnah.
*I kept learning how to cook from mama. It is not a big deal actually and now I am becoming more wiser in those matter.
*I kept spending my time to memorise some SURAH in HOLY QURAN. May Allah make it easy for me, Allahumma Aamiin.
*One day, I went to broga hills, to make my day and it works to fit my physical looks and got more healthier.

So this is my way. I chose to get into this WAY. May this way always will be led aright by the Almighty. Then, what is your way? Bittaufiq wannajah always. Pray for my result on this 2 MARCH InsyaAllah. I have planned to further my study in medic course, but I believe that, we plan, Allah also plans but HIS plans is the best for us. May Allah ta'ala make my way easy. Not just me but YOU who are reading this entry. I am not only doing all of that but I also and always watching videos in YOUTUBE that will bring me closer to Allah, remember about the DAY OF JUDGEMENT and SAKARATUL MAUT. Alhamdulillah.

FOR THOSE who are reading, please love your times, spend your time wisely and manage it properly. Never ever letting yourself to be free, quit your free time. and let's do lots of good deeds.

Allah ta'ala said:
'' Innal hasanati yuzhib nassaiyiat ''
''Indeed, good deeds wipe out the bads''

That is all for now, InsyaAllah If Allah wills, I will be here and write some sharings. until we will meet again. Do everything with BISMILLAH and remember Allah always.

Pray for me to always be simplified by Allah in all my affairs in this life

Syukran Jazilan for being here.

Sincerely me,


Syura said...

Salamalaik nice view here

Anonymous said...

Keep it up! SubhanAllah semoga Allah mudahkan urusan awk, dik.