Sunday, February 7, 2016

The moment


7 Feb 16 | 28 Rabiul Akhir 1437H

Unforgettable moment with my beloved ones.

It was created with His willing, His Permission, only Him the Almighty one, Allah ta'ala. I managed and arranged all properly but Allah make it more greater in the precious moment of happiness. I am happy with them, never ever try to neglect and disobey what they said as it was one of my responsibility as an 'adik cik' .

I wonder why some people in this temporary world being selfish, threw their families especially the old parents, Did they not loved their families? Did they will to let their families be sad and disappointed? I kept staring , gazing every moment that I had . Eventually, I found the best answer for my question .

That was just come from our own heart, a truly sincere heart which will accept the weakness and be grateful to the superiority of our families. Allah plans the best for us and our family.

Bear in mind that ,
When we have family, others didn't have.

When we we love each other, others have to face their faith of losting their child, wife and friends.

When we have a chances to see our parents face, others didn't have them.

Be grateful always.
Counting the day..

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